When should I amend my Will?

There are a few life changing events where it becomes important to amend your Will.

1. On marriage
Marriage revokes a Will unless the Will was made in anticipation of marriage. Therefore, if you did previously make a Will, and then got married, it is as if you have no Will.

2. Separation
Until a Decree Absolute is granted, your former spouse is still treated as your spouse. It is therefore important to change your Will as soon as possible after separation in order to ensure that your spouse does not wrongfully inherit.

3. Divorce
A former spouse is treated, for the purposes of the Will, as if they had died. Therefore, if you leave everything to your spouse in your Will and you divorce, you will be treated as having died intestate (without having made a Will). If your former spouse was listed as the only executor, they would not be able to act.

4. Children
It is so important to make a Will when you have children. If you were to die without having appointed guardians for your children in your Will, your children could be made a ward of the court.

Please contact us if you would like to make amendments to your Will.